Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thanks to Carrie for this guest post! I have been addicted to GREEK since I was waiting tables right out of school. I would come home after work and watch the episodes in my room on my laptop. Helped me hang on to college. Bone always laughs at how Rusty's eyeballs are perma wide.

Since this seems to be more relevant now, can someone tell me if this is Rusty??


Amber Kidwell said...

I am addicted to GREEK! It is fabulous. Rusty is hilarious - and I would swear that is him in the video - but what's the chance?

Katie Shields said...

At Carrie's urging I resumed my Greek vigil. Rebecca and I figured out how to hook our laptop up to the TV.

It is a miracle of all miracles that all three seasons are on Hulu. Bravo!