Thursday, March 19, 2009

congratulations noof and noel!

I am thrilled to announce that Nefret and Noel got engaged this weekend. Noel proposed to Noof on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday evening. As Noof's roommate Julia cleverly noted, Noel's actions were most probably prompted by Beyonce's performance on those same steps a few weeks ago. He liked it so he had to put a ring on it.

Congrats Shameal!

Check out their wedding website and congratulate them yourself:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

support your public radio [89.5 whrv]

Sometimes the grueling commute that flanks my work day is transformed by a public radio feature. The fact that this happens quite often is reason enough I should be giving money during those phone-a-thons, right Greg?

This guy got obsessed with taking the YouTube videos he spent all his time watching and mashing them up into something entirely new. Step back, Girl Talk! I hope with all my bored admin might that this is what Daniel Strickland does all day at Cloudbrain.

Check it out.

BTW, Daniel, if you are reading this, is there a way I can embed videos on this crap site?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

all you have to do is call my name and I'll be there on the next train

Upon returning from Nicaragua Tommy and I found a 39 degree VB with nonstop rain. Lovely. Perfect weather to sit inside all weekend recovering for our travels and bonding with our puppy. A.K.A. watching the whole first season of Gilmore Girls on DVD. (And processing the needs of the 3rd world buy going to TJ MAXX and buying up many floral print steals...)

After eating some homemade pizza TBone made over my new black + white floral tablecloth, I came to the conclusion that I have found myself Liz Lemon's dream man. I cheers this to Tommy at his perch on our couch, tiny squint eyes and all, clutching his (4th time over) empty crystal champagne flute. I would include the clip where Liz describes her dream man here except searching "Liz Lemon watching TV all night boyfriend" did not prove very sucessful on YouTube.

Juan Bobo* knows what's up.

*Analese, a newly 11 year old girl at the El Canyon orphanage asked me if Tbone and I had any hijos. In my flashy spanish I explained that yes, Tbone has a "perrito hijo quien nombre es Juan Bobo". Disgusted and disturbed (the typical response to the puppy name thing), Analese declared that "Juan Bobo" es nombre mucho deficil and renamed him "Juan Chicle". As in "John Bubble Gum". Yes, that makes much more sense.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

nicaragua, bling break 2009

This past week I had the chance to join Tommy in Nicaragua to help lead the OrphaNetwork college service trips. This involved playing with the ninos, riding the most pimped out school bus you can imagine and hanging out with some pretty impressively genuine college kids.
Kids jumping in the Brinka Brinka, otherwise known as a "moon bounce". I realize that I am getting old when 3 minutes in the Brinka Brinka gives me a headache and 5 minutes on the swing set makes me nauseaus.

Well, the word's out. Sometimes I entertain myself by dressing up like my husband. This particular outfit was made with the help of Jess, who was playing a prank on me by having me wear my Number 1 Most Hated TShirt. It is bad enough that TBone wears this shirt at least once a week but this week I came across MULTIPLE people who wore the shirt. Ugghhhh, I mean, I am no graphic designer but can we try any harder with the super lame design??

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

straight hair and my sweet puppy-- what will keep my head from exploding from so many dreams coming true?!?

since that trend is over

This is a secret that nobody knows: I have just been dying to respond that that stupid "25 Things" thing on Facebook. I am so mortified that no one has tagged me! I mean, I only have like 600 something friends. Am I not a top 25 somewhat interesting enough Facebook buddy of any of them?

At first it started out as just a way to keep myself occupied when "All Things Considered" combined with 45 minutes of deadlock traffic grew too stressful on my afternoon commute. I would compile endless lists of the most "quirky" and "rando" facts about myself only to forget them completely when I hit the last five speed bumps between the start of my condo complex's parking lot and my front door.

And besides, I lied about this being a secret. I wish it was! Sadly I have no secrets. I just thought it would be appropriate to usher my 2nd entrance into blogging by using one of the most widely know EE Cummings quotes, thank you "In Her Shoes".

Soon I will join my Toms wearing husband in Nicaragua for the W&M Spring Break Service Trip. Maybe I will gain a new friend there who will be interested to learn my 25 things... maybe I will write in this blog again.