Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As soon as I heard this song I knew that I liked it. After investigating, I discovered that it is by Willow Smith, Will and Jada's 9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. What?! I mean, I'm probably not beyond exploiting my kid if they were cute, funny, smart or made me look like a clever parent. But Will, aren't you still riding that high from your hit movie "Hitch"? Bone sure loves that scene when Hitch teaches the chubby white guy from "King of Queens" how to dance.

But really, I like this song. You go, Willow. I saw you on Oprah when you had shaved your head to make a statement. You were like 7 then. So, in light of that, I guess this makes sense.

Listen to the song and read more about it on Pretty Much Amazing

Willow - Whip My Hair by maddwestent

Once I had a glamorous summer where I traveled a whole bunch. I swear I watched this movie on 4 different planes. And you know what? I still love this scene:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My Hunger Games party is gonna look a lot like this. Except with Mockingjays. #newtweataleat


I admit, it took watching this video a couple of times for me to actually pay attention to the story. It's worth the watch because it's adorable. Although I get the illustration of the "Twitterverse", I'm left wondering: is the young man's Big Night lost in the never-ending scroll or is it a part of a much bigger and connected world? Either way, I think I found the student who bought his girl the black and white diamond ring.

Lemon Badanes

My doggie Bobito Badanes is my mascot and my sidekick. Through guilt and persistence I convinced Tommy to get me a puppy to cure me of the separation anxiety I felt when he traveled so much for work. The only problem is now Juan Bobo has separation anxiety from us. The minute I turn toward my full length mirror to put on earrings, Bobito starts shaking violently. Ahh, the transference of guilt is a powerful thing!

I have decided we must get Bobito a new playmate, a second puppy: Lemon Badanes. The best part about this idea is that Tommy agrees! Aye Dios, we are in for it. (I mean, when we move to a house with a yard in 5 years.) I love a simple solution.

Anyway, how adorable are these personalized portraits of girls and their dogs? Paule Trudel Bellemare truly knocks it out of the park with these prints. They are by far the cutest and most unique custom pet portraits I've ever seen.

found via decor8

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh, Mariachi Me

If you have ever planned a dinner party with the intention of dessert dissolving into dancing, you know it can be a tricky transition to pull off. I've never seen it happen with such ease as at parties in Nicaragua, when you look up mid-bite to see a tiny car open and an 8 (over-sized) piece mariachi band emerge.

This picture reminds me not only of those fun parties, but also of this poem by Ted Kooser:

Oh, Mariachi Me

All my life I have wanted nothing so much
as the love of women. For them I have fashioned
the myth of myself, the singing troubadour
with the flashing eyes. Always for them
my black sombrero with its swinging tassels,
this vest embroidered with hearts, these trousers
with silver studs down the seams. Oh, I am
Mariachi me, as I had intended. I am success
and the price of success, now old and dusty
at the edge of the dance floor, still smiling,
heavy with hope, clutching my dead guitar.

Oh how sweet and sad! I too have fashioned the myth of myself, still smiling and heavy with hope. Now let's party!

photo by Tec Petaja

thanks to Tommy for this update:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

B+W Ring

Tonight I stumbled upon this ring by Priyanka Sodhi and fell in love. I've been pretending that I am a poor student plotting to propose to my sweetheart. As soon as I found this ring I knew it was perfect for her-- dainty, unique and understated. She wouldn't be able to deny me.