Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lemon Badanes

My doggie Bobito Badanes is my mascot and my sidekick. Through guilt and persistence I convinced Tommy to get me a puppy to cure me of the separation anxiety I felt when he traveled so much for work. The only problem is now Juan Bobo has separation anxiety from us. The minute I turn toward my full length mirror to put on earrings, Bobito starts shaking violently. Ahh, the transference of guilt is a powerful thing!

I have decided we must get Bobito a new playmate, a second puppy: Lemon Badanes. The best part about this idea is that Tommy agrees! Aye Dios, we are in for it. (I mean, when we move to a house with a yard in 5 years.) I love a simple solution.

Anyway, how adorable are these personalized portraits of girls and their dogs? Paule Trudel Bellemare truly knocks it out of the park with these prints. They are by far the cutest and most unique custom pet portraits I've ever seen.

found via decor8

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