Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As soon as I heard this song I knew that I liked it. After investigating, I discovered that it is by Willow Smith, Will and Jada's 9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. What?! I mean, I'm probably not beyond exploiting my kid if they were cute, funny, smart or made me look like a clever parent. But Will, aren't you still riding that high from your hit movie "Hitch"? Bone sure loves that scene when Hitch teaches the chubby white guy from "King of Queens" how to dance.

But really, I like this song. You go, Willow. I saw you on Oprah when you had shaved your head to make a statement. You were like 7 then. So, in light of that, I guess this makes sense.

Listen to the song and read more about it on Pretty Much Amazing

Willow - Whip My Hair by maddwestent

Once I had a glamorous summer where I traveled a whole bunch. I swear I watched this movie on 4 different planes. And you know what? I still love this scene:


Tommy said...

This is a class scene...never gets old

sarah said...

DUDE! willow rules!