Wednesday, May 19, 2010


dem bones, dem bones, dem dry NEPHILIM BONES!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Dreamer and The Consultant

I never realized how much of a dreamer I was/am until I married The Bone. I love playing this game I made up called "Vision Casting". It involves making grand declarations about the future. This causes tension in my marriage. It wasn't until recently that Tommy explained that, as a former consultant, the term "vision" invoked painful memories of him being tasked to fulfill clients' lofty and ill-thought out plans. So, in an effort to preserve our future, I changed the name of the game to "Salvation Oracles" which is a different (and yet identical) game that I also like to play.

Lucky (or so I think) for Tommy, he now plays a major role in my dreams. Such as:

Having twins with alliterative names
Living in Ghent
Living in the North End
Riding "The Tide" Light Rail from Hilltop to ODU
Living in Italy
Having my own office with bookshelves

As you can see, I have lots of dreams. Thanks to Carrie for helping me remember an oldie but a goodie, my ultimate end of life dream:

"For anyone who's ever wished they could experience the joy and comfort of being eaten by a stuffed shark, one designer has created a menacing-looking sleeping bag that will make short work of the sandman. Dubbed the ChumBuddy, the 7 foot long stuffed killing-machine is sure to delight all who become ensnared in the shark's plush, gapping mouth, or who nestle in its soft, fleece bowels."

A Shark-Attack Sleeping Bag.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I like your beard.

My fav radio station, Hot 100.5 helps me feel hip by only playing 10 songs. I know them all by heart! The sad thing is that they play one of those 10 songs every 3rd song. *Cough "Rude Boy"* I love when I can time it so that my commute includes this one by Ke$ha at least once. It makes highway driving feel more like flying. I mean, if I'm in the HOV lane at the 64/264 Interchange.

Other reasons I like this song:

1) it looks like a mashup trends I have learned of on the fashion blogs I follow, even down to that wacky tiger mask and the animation.

2) Ke$ha is straight silly.

3) I love that glow in the dark trippy outfit.

What's your favorite song on the Hot 100.5 playlist?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

big questions for a big world

So, you know this story, right? An engineer at Apple goes out to celebrate his 27th birthday, happens to have too much fun and leaves the super secret model of the new iPhone that he was test-driving in the field on a bar stool. Next thing you know it's been sold for $5,000 to the guys at the tech blog, Apple finds out, writes a letter demanding the return of the secret phone and gizmodo gives it back.

A few days later, the police raid the blogger's house and confiscate all of his computers and equipment.

So, the question I've been turning over in my brain for the past few weeks is this:

If the new iPhone has a ceramic back then are iPhone cases a thing of the past? Because Tommy and I are those suckers who have spent cash money trying to find the right case. There are so many options!

I have often thought about how Apple created a market for iPhone cases by making the iPhone so pretty and yet so vulnerable (read: expensive to replace) at the same time. Those nerds on Etsy have jumped all over the opportunity.

I am a sucker!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

eenie meenie minie HELLO SUMMAH!

Well, I just emailed in my last exam and it's been 87 degrees in my apartment all week. Summer, welcome back. I'm gonna let this song set the tone for the season.

You better believe that I will be going to a bunch of MTV Middle School parties like this one this summer. Rocking the entire dELiA*s catalog. So, scrub your white platform flipflops with bleach and let's hit the beach.