Thursday, May 6, 2010

big questions for a big world

So, you know this story, right? An engineer at Apple goes out to celebrate his 27th birthday, happens to have too much fun and leaves the super secret model of the new iPhone that he was test-driving in the field on a bar stool. Next thing you know it's been sold for $5,000 to the guys at the tech blog, Apple finds out, writes a letter demanding the return of the secret phone and gizmodo gives it back.

A few days later, the police raid the blogger's house and confiscate all of his computers and equipment.

So, the question I've been turning over in my brain for the past few weeks is this:

If the new iPhone has a ceramic back then are iPhone cases a thing of the past? Because Tommy and I are those suckers who have spent cash money trying to find the right case. There are so many options!

I have often thought about how Apple created a market for iPhone cases by making the iPhone so pretty and yet so vulnerable (read: expensive to replace) at the same time. Those nerds on Etsy have jumped all over the opportunity.

I am a sucker!

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