Sunday, May 16, 2010

I like your beard.

My fav radio station, Hot 100.5 helps me feel hip by only playing 10 songs. I know them all by heart! The sad thing is that they play one of those 10 songs every 3rd song. *Cough "Rude Boy"* I love when I can time it so that my commute includes this one by Ke$ha at least once. It makes highway driving feel more like flying. I mean, if I'm in the HOV lane at the 64/264 Interchange.

Other reasons I like this song:

1) it looks like a mashup trends I have learned of on the fashion blogs I follow, even down to that wacky tiger mask and the animation.

2) Ke$ha is straight silly.

3) I love that glow in the dark trippy outfit.

What's your favorite song on the Hot 100.5 playlist?


size too small is... said...

i'm so out of touch with the latest pop music! i'm afraid we don't leave our car stereo interface in our car for fear of it being stolen and then we forget to bring it with us. sad. but this summer when i'm 100 all the time. i'm going to go listen to the kesha song on itunes now.

dw said...

I have had Ke$ha in my head for the past few days, but have been too embarrassed to admit it. Today at work I couldn't get that song out of my head! I came home and read your blog - now I feel liberated to share with the world my love for this terrible/awesome song!