Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tender Beloved:

Beth Moore is coming live via hologram to Spring Branch on April 24! I am all signed up and excited to be inspired. She is giving a one day conference entitled, "So Long, Insecurity!" Oh boy oh boy. Let me know if you want to come with me! Check it out.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chatroulette + GAGA's telephone= freaky deakies need love too!

I'm not gonna lie, I found this by checking out a Trending Topic retweeted twat by Perez Hilton. Does the fact that I discovered Chatroulette through NPR make me a total square?

I am too terrified to ever go on that website.

*** Also, someone please confirm. Is the first guy partner shown RUSTY CARTWRIGHT from ABC Family's "GREEK"??

the photos that launched a thousand emails

Noof and Noel's wedding, August 1, 2009

I told Noof that I felt it was ironic that in the time it took her photographer to email her some pro pics of her wedding she and Noel defied BC and created new life. Noof told me she took it one step further and actually told the photag: "You know in the time it took you to finish these pics I grew a baby in my belly that's the size of a plum????"

Booyah. Great wedding, great couple. Can't wait to meet BabyPac!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Susie Salmon, KFC and Jofan

Earlier this week:

Ruthie: I'm getting freaked out about taking Bobito out back to pee. He keeps finding these tiny chicken bones that he gobbles up before I can yank them out of his mouth. Visions of tiny x-rays and giant vet bills dance in my head.

Tommy: For real, it's sick. I have a theory about where all those chicken bones are coming from.

Ruthie: I do too! I think our neighbors eat chicken and toss the bones out of that hole they made in their window screen where they smoke through at night.

Tommy: Interesting... I think that the seagulls dig the bones out of the KFC dumpster and then sit on top of our roof chewing on them. I think they drop the bones in the gutter where they get flushed out to the grass when it rains.

Ruthie: Blah, you win.

Seriously though, so sick. After I'm done freaking out that the bones are gonna get stuck in Bobito's collapsing trachea, I start freaking out all over again that Bobito has found Susie Salmon's remains.

Isn't it wierd to think about seagulls sucking on chicken bones? Which makes me think about the book I'm trying to read, Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I mean, I love Jofan and will read anything he writes. But historically my two favorite foods are pot roast and bacon. Maybe even bacon-wrapped pot roast. I'm not planning to convert to vegetarianism.

But his opening argument has already got me squirming. He questions why we (Americans) are horrified at the thought of eating dogs. Why are dogs off limits but cows and chicken bones are a-ok? Don't look at me, I can't read past that paragraph for fear of what comes next.

While walking Bobito near the a fore mentioned KFC the other day this freak leaned out of his car and snarled at me, "I'm gonna eat your dog!". And my life came full circle once again.

this'll put color in your cheeks

I've never really read Blue Like Jazz but I know it argues that you can fall in love with something just by watching someone else love it. If nothing else, I can rest assured knowing my legacy was to fill my friends' iPods with John Darnielle's ghosts.

Check out the concert. Thanks for sending, Greg.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

well, well, well...

Vienna, old Rutha is proud. Soak up the US Weekly cover stories while you can.

CBT or What Lies at the End of the Brussel's Metro Line

In school we talk a lot about different theories of counseling and how, as a future professional therapists, it is important to align yourself to the theory that best suits your beliefs and style. This helps ground and guide you to be consistent in your practices.

Thus far in my education (half way done, baby!) I see myself gravitating toward Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The gist of which is that you have to change your thoughts in order to change your actions. Think forcing yourself to be hopeful about your day in order to get out of bed. Think putting yourself on a regular routine in order to avoid being stagnant. If you go to SBCC, think Henry Cloud.

Since I am exhaustively introspective, I have been thinking a lot about my life, my past, my future and my decisions. I have been thinking a lot about how I spend my time. I have been thinking about the summer I spent in Brussels.

Brussels kinda represents for a me a moment that I realized I could turn the old ship of my life in any damn direction I wanted. I had studied abroad through W&M in Italy the summer before and wanted so badly to return to Europa the next summer. So I figured out a way to do it and I did. While I was in Brussels I realized, hey, moving somewhere after college could be the same way. I could go anywhere. And one week while helping lead a service project at the very end of the Brussels Metro Line, I found that place.

It was the tiniest little town. Looked just like Busch Gardens, all Fest Haus-inspired. It was incredibly quaint and quiet. And it was a cobblestone walk to the metro station. I could totally isolate myself and be a train ride away from civilization. I could be distraction-free to write all the novels that I had stored away in my heart. It was totally possible.

I came home from that summer with a whole new attitude. I embraced my family and the Strickland Compound (aka Harbour Point) like every moment we shared and every conversation we had would be our last. I was secretly moving to Europe after I graduated. And besides, family is great fodder for fiction.

So,I stuck around after dinner at my Grandma's and talked to her for hours. I became friends with Aunt Sharon and Titi Teta. Most importantly, I became friends with Ana. Who knew when I would see these people again?

Well, my senior year started and moving to Europe became moving Seattle or NYC. It was becoming more and more possible. My senior year ended and moving became getting married. And living in Hilltop. But I was still turning my ship. I was just a little shocked to see where it landed.

I think about my decisions a lot. Other people quiz me on them. I mentally kick them in the shins. But one thing is becoming more and more clear to me: I am so happy I decided to change my mind about my family. I am a different person because of that decision. Ana is my kindred spirit. I spend hours with Baba discussing Tommy and I's family planning. We sit and play Chinese Checkers forevvvvver. I am learning more about who I am because of them. And most importantly, Tommy and I are supported on every side.

Life is funny. Make a plan to get out of bed. Better yet, go to pilates.

Jewel, this is for you. Curtain.