Sunday, March 21, 2010

Susie Salmon, KFC and Jofan

Earlier this week:

Ruthie: I'm getting freaked out about taking Bobito out back to pee. He keeps finding these tiny chicken bones that he gobbles up before I can yank them out of his mouth. Visions of tiny x-rays and giant vet bills dance in my head.

Tommy: For real, it's sick. I have a theory about where all those chicken bones are coming from.

Ruthie: I do too! I think our neighbors eat chicken and toss the bones out of that hole they made in their window screen where they smoke through at night.

Tommy: Interesting... I think that the seagulls dig the bones out of the KFC dumpster and then sit on top of our roof chewing on them. I think they drop the bones in the gutter where they get flushed out to the grass when it rains.

Ruthie: Blah, you win.

Seriously though, so sick. After I'm done freaking out that the bones are gonna get stuck in Bobito's collapsing trachea, I start freaking out all over again that Bobito has found Susie Salmon's remains.

Isn't it wierd to think about seagulls sucking on chicken bones? Which makes me think about the book I'm trying to read, Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I mean, I love Jofan and will read anything he writes. But historically my two favorite foods are pot roast and bacon. Maybe even bacon-wrapped pot roast. I'm not planning to convert to vegetarianism.

But his opening argument has already got me squirming. He questions why we (Americans) are horrified at the thought of eating dogs. Why are dogs off limits but cows and chicken bones are a-ok? Don't look at me, I can't read past that paragraph for fear of what comes next.

While walking Bobito near the a fore mentioned KFC the other day this freak leaned out of his car and snarled at me, "I'm gonna eat your dog!". And my life came full circle once again.


Carrie Badanes said...


My favorite part is when Bone says, "Interesting" and moves on to his own analysis.

Nicely done.

Maria said...

Ellen talked about that book on her show a few weeks ago. I am interested to read it, but I too have a soft spot for bacon and a nice filet mignon. Let me know if it's any good and worth reading.

Breitenberg said...

I just pretend that you're reading it out loud so that I get the full benefit of your inflections. The parts where you're reading what Tommy is saying are the best because you kind of roll your eyes at the same time and your voice gets lower and sarcastic like "this is the least important part". I literally laugh out loud and it hurts to miss you both so much. Also this is the best blog post I've read in months. blog more ruthie. for all of us.

ruthie said...

Andrew, you nailed it. haha! Thanks for the feedback, I am trying to glean more content from my life for the blog.

Summer is coming and we miss you so much!!! Much love to the wifey.