Wednesday, March 4, 2009

since that trend is over

This is a secret that nobody knows: I have just been dying to respond that that stupid "25 Things" thing on Facebook. I am so mortified that no one has tagged me! I mean, I only have like 600 something friends. Am I not a top 25 somewhat interesting enough Facebook buddy of any of them?

At first it started out as just a way to keep myself occupied when "All Things Considered" combined with 45 minutes of deadlock traffic grew too stressful on my afternoon commute. I would compile endless lists of the most "quirky" and "rando" facts about myself only to forget them completely when I hit the last five speed bumps between the start of my condo complex's parking lot and my front door.

And besides, I lied about this being a secret. I wish it was! Sadly I have no secrets. I just thought it would be appropriate to usher my 2nd entrance into blogging by using one of the most widely know EE Cummings quotes, thank you "In Her Shoes".

Soon I will join my Toms wearing husband in Nicaragua for the W&M Spring Break Service Trip. Maybe I will gain a new friend there who will be interested to learn my 25 things... maybe I will write in this blog again.

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