Sunday, March 15, 2009

all you have to do is call my name and I'll be there on the next train

Upon returning from Nicaragua Tommy and I found a 39 degree VB with nonstop rain. Lovely. Perfect weather to sit inside all weekend recovering for our travels and bonding with our puppy. A.K.A. watching the whole first season of Gilmore Girls on DVD. (And processing the needs of the 3rd world buy going to TJ MAXX and buying up many floral print steals...)

After eating some homemade pizza TBone made over my new black + white floral tablecloth, I came to the conclusion that I have found myself Liz Lemon's dream man. I cheers this to Tommy at his perch on our couch, tiny squint eyes and all, clutching his (4th time over) empty crystal champagne flute. I would include the clip where Liz describes her dream man here except searching "Liz Lemon watching TV all night boyfriend" did not prove very sucessful on YouTube.

Juan Bobo* knows what's up.

*Analese, a newly 11 year old girl at the El Canyon orphanage asked me if Tbone and I had any hijos. In my flashy spanish I explained that yes, Tbone has a "perrito hijo quien nombre es Juan Bobo". Disgusted and disturbed (the typical response to the puppy name thing), Analese declared that "Juan Bobo" es nombre mucho deficil and renamed him "Juan Chicle". As in "John Bubble Gum". Yes, that makes much more sense.

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LindseyStrickland said...

Everything about this post makes me laugh! Though I rarely comment, know that I am reading. I have a hard time with the word verification tests-I might need glasses.