Saturday, March 14, 2009

nicaragua, bling break 2009

This past week I had the chance to join Tommy in Nicaragua to help lead the OrphaNetwork college service trips. This involved playing with the ninos, riding the most pimped out school bus you can imagine and hanging out with some pretty impressively genuine college kids.
Kids jumping in the Brinka Brinka, otherwise known as a "moon bounce". I realize that I am getting old when 3 minutes in the Brinka Brinka gives me a headache and 5 minutes on the swing set makes me nauseaus.

Well, the word's out. Sometimes I entertain myself by dressing up like my husband. This particular outfit was made with the help of Jess, who was playing a prank on me by having me wear my Number 1 Most Hated TShirt. It is bad enough that TBone wears this shirt at least once a week but this week I came across MULTIPLE people who wore the shirt. Ugghhhh, I mean, I am no graphic designer but can we try any harder with the super lame design??


WCC SM Staff said...

can you please retake this picture in front of your matching hondas?

nrsimone said...

umm, that was me, travis had signed onto my blog through a work pseudonym. don't ask.