Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chincoteague polaroids

Island Manor House

Despite being sick and the monster mosquitoes, we hiked to the lighthouse. Here's a view of Assateague Island from the top.

The famous ponies live wild and free on Assateague Island in a protected wildlife refuge. You can drive or ride bikes around the refuge on a big nature loop. If you look really closely you can see a big group of horses grazing behind the trees in the center of the photo.

It was a gorgeous day to drive on the Bay Bridge Tunnel. Always such a treat. It was a brief but fun trip! I was bummed to be sick but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

Chincoteague is quaint and charming and I hope to one day bring our middle school children there, give them bikes, and let them loose on the fishing village. The island is safe and only a few blocks wide. It's full of replicas of the lighthouse and old fashion ice cream parlors. You know, it would be like a trip to Busch Gardens for them, only we'd spend the night.

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