Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mad about Everything Mad Men

I can't get enough of Mad Men. Thankfully neither can anyone else. NPR has been interviewing everyone from Matt Weiner to the guy who plays Lane Price to a real Ad Guy from the 1960s who wrote a book that Mad Men is supposedly based on. The book was out of print for years but came back recently due to its new relevance.

One truly awesome element of new media is the fact that all the Mad Men characters are tweeting through out the week. They are keeping the storyline alive during the work week between Sunday night episodes. It is brilliant. I mean, Don Draper's sad tweets about how lonely he was in his new apartment in the city kept me chomping at the bit for more all summer.

Check out the run down on all the Mad Twitter-ers in this great piece by The Baltimore Sun.

Check out the great fashion analysis and episode-by-episode commentary by TLo.

As if the characters and clothes weren't enough, I can't get enough of the mod furniture and art:

Everything is eye candy!

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