Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Team Man Skirt

South African from the waist down by Coza Productions

When Erin throws a surprise Wiffle Ball Tourney for John's birthday and asks everyone to form teams and wear costumes, we assume she is serious. For some reason Team Man Skirt was the only one in uniform!

I heard this song called "South African from the Waist Down" and immediately thought of our team manager, Andrew. Even though he's the only one wearing a man skirt in South Africa, I thought the title couldn't be more perfect. Click through to watch the video and read the story behind the song-- it's so sweet!

I really need a new pair of sunglasses. Waka waka!


Kristin said...

i love this.

Amber said...

Yes, this one has made it in my list of summer favs.

size too small said...

amazingggggggggggg. sad i missed the party.

Erin said...

I was serious and glad my friends understodd this. So proud to claim you all as my own!