Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hipster Christianity

I took a class this summer on Social Construction which, in short, is the process of creating one's own meaning. We examined this theory in light of adult development and more specifically, the rejection and ownership of one's own culture and religion of origin. Gee wiz, and I thought I was the only one who laid awake at night worrying if the Christianity of My Youth could survive my late adolescence. I hate feeling cliche.

When I feel like a cliche I pout and then write an academic paper about it. This guy Brett McCracken laughed and then wrote a book about it!

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Anonymous said...

"Low CHQ. You probably belong to the purpose-driven, seeker-sensitive, Hawaiian shirt-wearing Christian establishment, even though you are open to some of the "rethinking Christianity" stuff. You seem to like edginess in some measure but become uneasy when your idea of Christian orthodoxy is challenged by some renegade young visionary who claims the virgin birth isn't necessary."

Yikes. I think it pretty much nailed me. Now I feel kinda bad I hadn't heard of half of those new / cool terms and authors. Maybe CSSM _is_ the purest form of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

-- Daniel

(that last comment was me)