Friday, June 25, 2010

the therapeutic setting

I spend more time looking for artwork to hang in my future office than beefing up my resume to get that imagined office.

There's a lot of literature to be read on different ideas of what makes the most therapeutic setting. For example, creating a safe and comfortable place for people who are dealing with trauma. There are opinions about having paintings of nature that don't show people and maybe a little plug-in waterfall. I like these face paintings. Sure they show human emotion, but... isn't that why we'd be there anyway?

Click to enter Anders Oinonen's website and view more of his rad paintings.


Carrie Badanes said...

I really like this painting, but what I think I like most is that you can do I Spy with it like, "I Spy with my little eye, the hot dog dressed with ketchup." Also, I hate it when people spell ketchup, "catsup."

thingsimusthaveoriwilldie said...

i love this one. i also have some additional suggestions if you are still looking to fill a wall or two: