Thursday, June 24, 2010

And I'll proudly stand up next to her

In my lifetime there are only been a handful of times that I was really "allowed" to say "I'm proud to be an American": the Persian Gulf, September 11th, Obama's Inauguration and this futbol goal.

I'm just so happy that it happened a week and a half from my fav holiday, 4th of July. I can't wait to wear my stars and stripes bikini!


ruthie said...

I asked Bone to proofread this and he started singing the title song. I said, "see you know it too bc you remember the Persian Gulf." He said, "I remember that song because it is the BOYSCOUT THEME SONG! We played it for every slide show... but sometimes we played the superman theme..."

size too small said...

our experience watching the game was just like this! the only place that was showing the U.S. game in cape town was a random tent set up behind the mall BUT when we got there it was filed with americans! everyone went bananas when we won- everyone was up on their feet screaming and jumping around- i was picked up by three guys jumping around (ok one of them was andrew).amazing.