Friday, June 18, 2010

Errr Sure's got the beat

Man! It has been a long 5 years since the summer of 2005 when Usher and his abs dominated the charts and my mind. I have often stopped short in my tracks over the past few years and wondered: "Um, Where is Usher?"

Well, he's back! The world is right once more.

Ok, so today is June 18th and Usher already has two hits: 1) OMG and 2) Someone to Love. How many hits do you want to guess he'll have before the summer's up? Four? Six?? Hot damn, a girl can dream.

Not only is Usher back with the hits, but he's also brought us The Bieb. So thank you, Usher Raymond, for discovering Justin Bieber on Youtube. I mean, who hasn't belted out all of Usher's singles? How come Justin got so lucky?



Oh, and while we're at it:

This is gonna be a good summer.


Noofpac and Noelpac said...

i really need to get one of those shirts that says "beat freaks". or maybe just to get one for baby boy stringham.

size too small said...

is it weird that i got really emotional when the camera panned over and i saw that he was singing ushers song to usher. oh brother.

Kevin, Leslie, and Harper said...

i was also wondering where usher had disappeared to, and was a little surprised that he chose to use the word "boobies" in a song. . .really?? not that it is an offensive word, just strange word choice--am i wrong??

Maria said...

I believe this is your second post about Justin Beiber. I'm so proud to call you my cousin!! :)

Carrie Badanes said...