Wednesday, June 30, 2010

from Veeb to shining Veeb

VB is a pretty diverse place, when examined from the right point of view.

For example, last night friends gathered from all corners of 264: Hilltop, Newtown Rd, Birdneck Acres, Alanton, the North End and Granby St at a lone shopping center off Holland Rd.

All Around Pizza is full of Kempsville Charm, creamy cinder block walls, white linoleum floor and two coolers full of an impressively cheap and broad beer list. I don't see why Bone and I are getting crap for dreaming of raising our family in the Wide Open Spaces of Suburban Pungo when these people will travel all the way to Holland Rd to get some spicy pizza and a $1.50 BBL?

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Erin said...

I <3 Grandma Knitting-Needle