Wednesday, June 16, 2010

more like sea NICE!

Last week I wrote a letter to Greg who is currently in Naval Officer training. This is his first big step in becoming a Naval Pilot. In my letter I gave him some bullet point updates on my life this summer:

-I'm afraid of the sun.
-I'm busy doing my Practicum in Community Mental Health, which is a saucer-eyed experience to say the least...
-I've become a surfer.

If anyone would read that last statement and not doubt me or laugh at me, it would be Greg. Actually, I know for a fact that Greg would say something very fatherly such as,

"Well Ruthie, I knew you had it in you! You're making me proud."

Thanks Greg. Tonight (at roughly 10:25pm when Oceana sends out their fleet for late night practice over VB) I will salute you.

(I read this Vogue Editorial with Blake Lively ironically while I was sitting in the waiting room at the dermatologist. This little tshirt-bikini bottom combo really stuck with me. If Blake can surf and wear SPF 100, so can I. Except I would never wear Merino wool in the ocean. That sounds just as bad as when I got sea lice stuck in my one piece in the 5th grade. Yeah, "sea lice" are just as horrific as they sound.)

Oh, one more thing. If you are a lady and want to go surfing with me, let's go. Yes, it is intimidating and yes, the lifeguards are judging you. But I had forgotten how much fun it is to actually play in the ocean.


esther lee said...

Me! Me! I'll go!

size too small said...

i'm so excited you started surfing! go with sam! i know he's not a girl but...

(i don't know what the ... means- just go with sam or amber- i think she surfs)

ruthie said...

Esther- let's do it soon!

Mariah, thanks for the support! I am wearing your yellow and white striped cardigan today in honor of you and your summer visit. Can't wait!

nrsimone said...

I think Sophia would definitely go with you - if Pedro can come too.