Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Hunger Games

Do you know anything about obsessions? The Weigleins do.

Memorial Day Weekend was plain awesome. We went to Jacksonville, FL to celebrate Davis and Kelly's wedding. We also shacked up 9 deep in a hotel suite on this great resort. We were fed watermelon poolside by tennis shoe wearing attendants. Pregnant Noof wore a maternity bathing suit. I had a great time with some of my favorite people.

But I was distracted. Every chance I got a stole off by myself to read this book:

Tommy read the first 2 books in the Hunger Games series in two days. He ran to Borders (literally, remember we live next door to it) to buy the third, only to find it doesn't come out till August. Ahh!

To pass the time I am looking up trailers for the upcoming movie. By the looks of the comments, these videos are fan-made. WHAT? I love how crazed people are already! I haven't seen this kind of dedication since my freshman roommate wrote her own Harry Potter novel where Hermine and Snape were secret lovers and had a child together.

Wow... in watching this again I realize that it is a bunch of shots from other movies spliced together. Did I not see a bloody Bella and Edward in there? Oh man oh man, even better baby.

So, have you read it?

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Kristen said...

now i want to... i always forget about your blog til its posted on my google contacts- so weird.