Friday, June 4, 2010

Are we still coming of age?

Like students of literature, counseling students are taught to pick up on themes. During my first week at my practicum I heard multiple young adult clients says that they felt that somehow along the way, everyone else grew up and they got left behind. Two different clients in their early 20s said they still feel 14 or 15. "I don't know how to act, I don't know how to be an adult" they both said in different sessions.

Well, sure. Welcome to your twenties. Haven't we all felt something along those lines at some point?

I loved that line from my friend Will's poem the first time I heard it. It has become a question that I ask myself over and over again when I'm feeling inadequate: Am I still coming of age?

I use to think that being an adult was as simple as wearing a watch. That the watch itself was a signal you gave the rest of the adults that you were grown up, that you didn't keep time by a cell phone or Tamagatchi. I use to worry that I could never have children because I didn't know what to teach them to believe. But I was, and am, still coming of age: in my faith, in my identity, in my steadfastness.

It's cool though, I love youth and I love maturity. I will continue to teeter between the two until I quit getting carded. Or until my clients quit asking me, "How old are YOU? You better say older than 25." Aye dios...

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