Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mission control, are you tweeting?

I've been trying to get obsessed with Twitter the past couple weeks. What? Yeah. It started when my cousin Becca moved to Nicaragua for the summer and announced that she would be tweeting about her adventures on the farm. Times have changed. In a moment of desperate hysteria I tried tweeting about the giant roach that had me hiding on top of my bed in hopes that TBone would some how read the message over Becca's shoulder, but blahhhhh, that roach is still hiding out somewhere.

So yeah, I have been trying to get into Twitter. I started following Spidey and LC, a little Mariah Carey too. But what has really gotten me nearly hooked is this.

In between now and Monday (the moonwalk's 40th anniversary) they are tweeting a "live" play by play of Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. This way those of us who never sat around Kevin Arnold's black and white screen to watch it ourselves can READ the dialogue between Mission Control and the astronauts from our slow office desktops. And wow, it's been beautiful in 140 characters.

(click to enlarge)

For more over the moon tweets, follow me. Or don't, I got enough weirdos reading about my roach problems.

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