Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Best Party I've Ever Been To!

BridePac Shameal was born ready to party like a bachelorette! The real question: Was Rehoboth Beach ready? Or the kind boy in the bottom left who let a gaggle of girls pile into his red jeep like a Barbie commercial come true? Probably not.

I am so excited to not only have one of my best friends enter the sacred world of marriage, but enter it in with a introverted, red-head man!

The woolly mammoth is melting, Shameal!


ruthie said...

I just saw this piece on MSNBC that referred to Sarah Palin as "SarahPac". I wasn't paying close enough attention to understand why they nicknamed her that and so I must conclude it is because she is a big fan of 2Pac.

nefret said...

that is obviously the only reason why anyone would add pac to the end of their name.

this was the best party i have ever been to.