Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And then the wolfpack of one was a wolfpack of two.

While I am on the subject of popular fiction, I need some answers. Why do you think Stephenie Meyer named all the Indian's in La Push after Old Testament figures? No, you say. Yes, I say.

Let's name the wolfpack:
1) Jacob (son of Ephraim Black)
2) Sam(uel)
3) Seth
4) Paul (oops.. NT)
5) Leah
6) Rachel (sister of wolfpack)
etc etc etc etc etc (Quil and Embry almost throw this all off)

Tommy tried to shut down my impromptu literature discussion by saying SM is a Mormon (oh, and he can talk Twilight). Anyone out there half working on Excel half reading this that wants to share their keen insight?

I don't even need to take a Twitter quiz to tell you that I am:


Erin said...

Sorry Liz Lemon, I'm with Tommy. Maybe the Mormon thing is too obvious, but still that's what I say.

ruthie said...

Erin, yes, she is familiar with the Bible. But I need you to put on your rose colored glasses and crack the code with me.