Monday, July 13, 2009


Another post for Spencer:

This weekend I was told I wasn't welcomed in Rehoboth unless I brought Bobito. Good thing he is in constant orbit of my ankles. He had the time of his life--- his life that was almost finished when he ran in front of a car that only stopped because I was hysterically crying in the middle of the road.

My point is that Alice, I can't wait to meet your new puppy!!! You will be a great planet for a tiny dog to orbit- all morning, work day and night.

Dave Curtin also loved "The "To" as he affectionately named him. If you are support Alice's new puppy say Heyyy Gurlll Heyyyyyyy!


Alice said...

Heyyyyyy gurllllll heyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Alice said...

when do you think others are going to post their Hey Gurl Heeey...

also, i am a blogger now. did you know that?!