Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Manifest Destiny (or the most romantic phrase since Santa Maria Novella)

Have you ever been pissed bc someone stole your idea? And did it better than you? Well, I am looking for someone to read this book so we can hash it out. Please. Tommy will eventually, but listen, I'm talking like now!!! OK? (He hears this kind of thing enough already.)

Synopsis: Oscar Schell's Heavy Boots, Boy Cartographer, dancing around talking about feelings by mapping things. Hoboin' on a train from Montana to DC. Endless illustrated margin notes.

I heard about this book and my heart ached 1) to read it and 2) bc I was pissed I didn't create it.

In the spirit of the Jewel, there are a few parts I would like to rewrite. But no one asked me. But I am asking you: Please read this book so we can discuss it before it becomes a blockbuster flop!

While you are deciding if you can commit to my challenge, check out the book's site.


esther lee said...

I probably just peed my pants.

I want to read this immediately.

ruthie said...

Esther, please do! It is really remarkable.

Anonymous said...

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