Thursday, April 16, 2009

aye dios dame valor

Do you ever get emails that look like this?

Twitter to me

show details 9:55 AM (8 minutes ago)

Hi, Ruthie Weiglein (ruthieweiglein).

Aretha Braunt (ArethaBraunt) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Aretha Braunt's profile here:

You may follow Aretha Braunt as well by clicking on the "follow" button.


I immediately think, "Geez, 1) why I am on this stupid site, 2) who is this freak who wants to "follow" me and 3) why does Twitter allow strangers to follow strangers without asking permission?"

Then I immediately click the link that takes me to the stranger's page to try find if they do perhaps know me. This time I found that, no, I have no clue who Aretha Braunt is. Typical. BUT! upon further inspection I discover that she is following 386 people- ALL NAMED RUTHIE. Yikes!

And then I see a link to this site:

What is this bizarro Ruthie culture I have been missing out on?


ORPHANetwork said...

HA! That sub culture of Ruthie's scares me a little bit. I only have room in my life for one Ruthie. But who knew you would have an audience of people based soley on your name?

nrsimone said...

oh my gosh. Thank you.This made my night. This is truly wondrous. In my love/hate relationship with the internet, tonight I am in love.

ruthie said...

Nina, you are in love with this?? I checked again and now she's up to 585 Ruthies. Who knew the world was such a colorful place?

nrsimone said...

She has a Ruthie fetish! And why shouldn't she?!

Adam Bradshaw said...

After a brief search, I found out that Aretha is following 586 Adam's.

Merry Christmas to me,