Wednesday, April 8, 2009

for the kids

or "Why I wasn't at the Mountain Goats"

ForKids, inc. serves homeless children by placing their families in shelter and working with them and their parents until they are stable enough to maintain their own housing. We receive funding by way of government support, private grants and personal giving. Every year we hold a Children's Art Auction where art created by the children of ForKids is auctioned off alongside professional art and whatever the hell people will donate to us. Last year one of the large children's paintings went for $11,500. I am still in shock.

Every year the event has a big cheesy theme and we are all encouraged to dress up. Last year it was "My Home My Castle" and this year it was "Fighting Homelessness: The Final Frontier" (inter-galatic). All you have to say is "theme" and you know I am amped. You want me to dress in costume? Awesome.

I might have gone a bit overboard though... I didn't think twice about it until all the pictures started circulating on the office Server on Monday...


Katie Shields said...

it's good to see the planets out again.

sarah said...

i cannot tell you how much i love this! brings the joy of student appreciation week right back. you rule! xo!