Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the future is bright

The other night I had a dream that the whole nation was blaming the current economic and immoral "climate" on the fact that I voted for Obama. To be specific, there were about 8 op-eds published in the paper blaming me for the various fiascoes. Rachel Palmer appeared to read each one to me in person. I believe a number of unborn babies were also accounted for. I was shaking with guilt when I looked beside me and saw Barrack himself shaking his head. "Thanks Ruthie for screwing up my life," he said with his eyes. Shit, talk about a some sort of subconscious guilt trip.

In other news, I am starting grad school full time come May 11th. After an emotion tug-o-war week last week, I decided not to take a grad assistantship at the ODU's Women's Center and to stay on at ForKids for 2o hours a week. I also decided that I wanted to be an actress when I grow up. I had a very demoralizing first meeting with my academic advisor which made me want to scream "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???" and a quasi-inspiring talk with my employers where they told me that I am "worth more to them at PT than hiring a new EE at FT". I could only get partially flattered by those words bc they have already cut my hours. But hey, come May I will have all Friday to work on my pre-cancerous glow.

Thanks to my impending graduate work and 50% cut in hours I have been exploring the Great American Retail Giant: Walmart. Gee wiz, there was a reason I avoided that place like the plague. For a person prone to panic attacks that place is Danger City. The prices do rule though. I got poor Bobito a trial run litter box for $1.50. I also got him this dog toy shaped like a big fishing lure. The brand it was made for was called "American Dog". Clearly. The thing that pissed me off those most was that even WITH my new glasses I couldn't see the signs at the end of the aisle. All I can think of is WALL-E.


nrsimone said...

Juan Bobo is being upgraded from being on mats to using a litter box? He is going to start purring soon...

Erin said...

Ruthie. I am glad to have your blog today at work. I am the only one in the office and am naturally wasting muich more time than usual because no one can currently view my computer screen. Freedom! I would also like to say that I too will have free Fridays in May and would like to suggest that we spend those Friday together a la playa. Mwah!