Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two exciting things from Amazon:

First thing:

Do you know that Amazon offers students a free Amazon Prime account? This means free 2 day shipping with every order! This makes Amazon my 2nd choice for getting text books (1st choice remains the school library and now slides down to 3rd). Since getting my free account I have been more likely to buy tween novels...

Second thing:

Amazon just announced new, smaller and lighter versions of the Kindle at cheaper prices. I think I want one. I know a conversation about the Kindle can't happen without a comparison to the iPad, but I think the iPad would just be a vortex of distraction for me. And I have enough of that already. I have a Kindle app on my phone and have enjoyed using it.

I need to think about this some more. Maybe my new Amazon Prime account makes buying eBooks a dumb idea? I can buy a used version for $3.00 + free shipping. Then I can give it away.

eBooks appeal to me because I've seen Wall-E but I also am a big fan of physical books and the library. But then again, buying used books also appeals to me (because I've seen Wall-E). But I don't think buying used books support the author at all? Gee wiz. Do you have a Kindle or iPad or an opinion on the topic?

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