Thursday, July 29, 2010

TRUE LIFE: I wanna be a celebrity therapist!

I've spent this summer working at a local Community Mental Health Clinic for my Practicum in Mental Health Counseling. If you've heard any of my stories about it you know it's been quite an experience. This past week two people have reminded me of something I think I must have tucked away in the folds of my unconscious: The Mayonnaise. (!)

Anyway, I've met a lot of characters. This includes a clinician I work closely with named James Taylor who has a long gray ponytail and moonlights as a Colonial Williamsburg reenactor. And this isn't even a client. The bulk of my experience has come from co-facilitating a "Women's Depression CBT Group". In this group we discuss everything from suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, job loss, jail time, PTSD, drug use and medication compliance. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming for old Rutha.

That's why I was glad when I sat down to discuss the group afterwards with Ami, a clinician and my co-facilitator, the discussion evolved from "How do you keep yourself from losing it with these people?" to Dr. Drew's work with the ladies on Teen Mom.

If clinical situations can be compared to an MTV reality show I might have a future in this field.

I was nearly giddy analyzing the life choices and relationships on Teen Mom with a real therapist. Her experience and clinical background brought a richness and complexity to the study of American teen culture...I love this show. Maybe I can count watching it with Perrin as Direct Hours...

Listen, this is a safe sex campaign, OK?

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Justin said...

A celebrity therapist is a great job to have, look at dr drew!