Monday, July 19, 2010


We get cool, expensive phones so we can make-believe that they are cheap plastic cameras. I hope I remember to get my film developed!

Check out my new favorite app, Hipstamatic.

How stinking cute are my nieces Foo and Alyesia?


Katie Shields said...

Gosh, I'm all a gurgle over these pictures.

ruthie said...

Thanks Katie! It's ironic to me how much fun I have with this retro camera. It reminds me of this crappy key chain camera I got from a cereal box when I was in kindergarden. I have a whole photo album of pictures I took with that camera.

Ann said...

I love the composition in the upper right quadrant: the blue of the umbrella complements the blue of Sophia's suit perfectly. Way to go, iPhone/Rutha

size too small said...

GREAT pictures! bottom left is my favorite- lovely composition. truly.