Tuesday, May 5, 2009

cositas saved my life

If we have had a conversation in the last 2 weeks I have probably dramatically told you my "Two Goals for Summer":
1) Paying for Grad School entirely without loans and
2) becoming a morning person.

Go big or go to bed!

The first goal is promising to steal away many of my current simple pleasures (read "cable and eating out") but the second goal, I am happy to say, I am making some progress on. Thanks to this sweet baby coffee maker:

I thought getting a tiny coffee maker would make me more likely to use it, and boy was I right! Who knew starting my day off with coffee would change my life?

Anyway, check out this awesome kindred spirit I found. Maybe I should start posting pics of all the Sculpy doll food I have made throughout the years. I know Ana still has it in her house.


Tommy said...

I'm going to eat that hamburger so you can laugh and laugh and laugh

sarah said...

this is da bomb! go hamburgers!