Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Colonial Capitol

Did you know that Tina Fey went to UVA? I love seeing the impression Mister Jefferson made on her come out in 30 Rock, like when Tracey Jordan made a movie of Thomas Jefferson's life where he played every role himself. Brilliant. My favorite thing though is when she throws some dap towards old Colonial Williamsburg. I mean, let's get real-- I love our Colonial Capitol.

While I had one of the most fun days in a while two weeks ago at W&M Homecoming, Tommy and I decided to go back to Williamsburg the following weekend to enjoy fall in the colony a bit more. (Does it sound like we are old people? I don't care what you think!)

I wish I could make these pictures bigger. I am really enjoying the Pudding Camera app, which I used to take these pictures in panoramic view. Check out the app but beware, although it's called "Pudding" that doesn't mean it's not completely in Korean...

Shout out to the colonial ghosts and the cobbler too! Do you love Colonial Williamsburg too??


Eren said...

I do...and I love you too Ruthie

Katie Shields said...

Beautiful. You know how I love the Colonial photo shoot.