Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm a new soul, I came to this strange world...

How sexy is the new MacBook Air? I really want it. Actually, I need it. Here's why:

1. My current MacBook has no battery. I mean, it won't work unless plugged in. If unplugged it dies within 2 seconds.
2. Due to a major meltdown caused by the cursed Flip Videocam (which was required for school), I had to move all my files (pictures, music) onto an External Hard Drive over a year ago. I have yet to figure out how to access them.
3. Since moving my music onto my External HD, iTunes has vanished from my computer. This means 2 terrible things: 1) I can't listen to my music. 2) I can't download the updates for my iPhone.
4. My compture can't handle downloading the new iTunes. I think I need Snow Leopard or whatev it's called.
5. Due to not being able to update my iPhone I can't receive picture text messages. Or send them.
6. A friend told me that I can fix these problems buy purchasing more RAM, Gigs, a new battery and a bigger Hard Drive. My eyeballs turn to swirls when he said this and I put my fingers in my ears and said "LA LA LA LA". Meaning, I need a new computer.

Anyway, this is not an elaborate excuse for why I can't hold up my end of the Katie and Ruthie CD Exchange via Snail Mail project, although I realize it might sound that way.

My laptop is 4.5 years old. How long should I expect it to last? Should I put money into fixing it or buy a new one? (Hint, there's only one right answer.)


size too small said...

buy a new one!

Maria said...

buy a new one.. but get the new Macbook Pro 13". I just got one back in february, and the macbook air has no storage or speed, it's really just for surfing the internet at a coffee shop.

Anonymous said...

the new macbook air allows for DVD sharing, it's simple and we use the sharing at work all the time!the macbook air has all the functionality of a normal macbook!

<3 your blog stalker
-helen holz

Katie Shields said...

get a new one, if only to hold up your end of the deal.