Thursday, October 28, 2010


Afternoons are fading fast and spookfest is coming this weekend. I so wish I was a 15 year old boy this Halloween. Instead I'm a 26 year old grad student who has this first painting by Christopher St. Leger as her desktop background. No biggie until I pass my laptop off to the Head of Mental Health Services in VB to use for her power point presentation at a seminar I'm helping host. Maybe it doesn't matter, she probably didn't notice. But then another woman I met from Social Services told one of my classmates that she met Ruthie Weiglein on Friday and "she's such a precious little girl."

Crap, I seriously need a professional makeover. And some sweet custom business cards. But really, what angry teenager wouldn't dig a therapist with these paintings in her office? Or at least looked like a teenager herself? Aye Dios...

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sarah said...

These are so awesome! I love it!