Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love this sun.

I can't wait until I'm someone's boss. And when that day comes, I will remember how this kind sun fed his employees breakfast and how his employees twirled around him in response.

Also, someone left a comment on this youtube video that said "Does anyone relate Jimmy Dean with obesity in this commercial?"


Ok, who wants to work for me? By the way, I run a cupcake bakery.


Daniel said...

I bring everyone at Cloudbrain cookies and cupcakes every tuesday and then we go out to eat at Guadalajara mexican restuarante. We call it "Tubby Tuesdays".

nrsimone said...

I watched this commercial and all I could think was "those jimmy dean sausage biscuits are really good. WE need to start buying them again." Travis used to microwave them for me in the morning when I left for work in Atlanta. Isn't that sweet? I enjoy that Daniel and I both comment on the high-calorie post. Stricklands have never taken breakfast lightly.

ruthie said...

After watching this commercial 15x the other night I dreamt Tommy wore an Egg McMuffin costume to Mariah and Andrew's wedding at Outback Steakhouse. I was so jealous of his outfit that I tried on everything in my closet trying to out shine him and of course, missed the wedding.