Monday, February 8, 2010

Contempo Fiction Fanatic!

This book jump-started my fiction frenzy. It is incredible. It is tender, well-crafted and most importantly- HILARIOUS. Jonathan Tropper writes a sentence of plot progression like a finely arranged line of poetry. Every word is perfectly chosen. Metaphors are short, inventive and well-packed. I borrowed the book and don't have it in front of me to offer an example, so go check it out. But listen, there are themes of adultery and a fair share of crassness (is that word?), if that sort of thing bugs you.

Remember Julie & Julia? Well, this is not that book or movie. Premise: The New American Dream turns sour when secretary turned blogger turned author of bestselling book turned movie lets fame and success get the best of her. Begins cheating on her husband, and as any narcissistic blogger must do, she capalizes on the juicy details to write her book. Also becomes a butcher in order to drag out a grotesque metaphor comparing slicing animal meat to severing the One Flesh bond of marriage. Not only is it a painful subject matter, but Julie insults me by spelling out the same illustrations in each paragraph. Get on with it already! I had to read Nicholas Sparks to detox from this book.

After seeing so many commercials for this movie the past few months I knew I had to read it. I was craving that experience of a Nick Sparks paperback--- getting sucked in, staying up all night reading it only to be crushed at the end. This book was truly what the doctor ordered. Ah, the highs and the lows of young love. Typical Nick Sparks themes, I won't even mention them. Tbone read this entire book in one snowy day. We'll see the movie when he gets back from The Nics.

I admire Elizabeth Gilbert for the way she harnesses her anxiety into curiosity, research and travel. But her anxiety makes me anxious. Regardless of the book's title, this book taught me that love is all about feeling good, not sacrifice or choosing someone over yourself. Sigh. I would rather read about someone who has learned to make sacrificing for those she loves feel good.

Well, I gave up on my mother and sister and walked to Borders in the snow to buy my own copy. Great decision, Rutha. I cried for Constantine and Skeeter's autographed copy. Don't you love to love characters? Noof, I'm bringing my copy to you on Friday.

A good friend of mine recently told me she has never had the experience of staying up all night finishing a book and then aching when it was over. I ache for her.

What should I read next?


esther lee said...

Please say you are on goodreads?! It's one more social networking (minus the social aspect) site to keep up with but I've been adding books to my 'to-read' list by the droves. Also, the swap feature is awesome. Essentially, you list what books you'd like to receive and then they e-mail you to tell you when someone is offering them up. Then you pay about 3 bucks to have the book shipped to you. I've gotten seven in the past month. But, even though it's not fiction, if you haven't read Three Cups of Tea, it's the type of book you'd rather it not end.

Kevin, Leslie, and Harper said...

totally agree is the goodreads and Three Cups of Tea. I really only read in spurts when it seems I come across extra time, but this one I made time to read. . .i've got a copy i'll give you if you're interested.

Maria said...

I've never been a reader, but just got hooked on it this past year. I've been struggling with what books to read, so thanks for this. I think I'll have to get "The Help" next, everyone says it's fantastic.

I hate to admit this, but I am finishing up the Twilight series. I never thought I would read the books, let alone like them, but the stories are actually good, and you get all invested in the characters. I actually teared up in the last book. Stay away from the movies though, not good at all.

nrsimone said...

1. Surrendering to Marriage - Iris Krasnow When you told me you were reading Committed it made me think of it
(I really like her and her honesty and I think the shrink in you will like her analysis of of why people cheat, etc.)

2. Housekeeping by Marilyn Robinson (won the Pulitzer for Gilead)

3.September by Rosamunde Pilcher ( I was just turned on to her and LOVE her as far as relaxing cozy fireside fiction)

4. Any magazine that has pictures of Kate Gosselin's new hair extensions

ruthie said...

Thanks for the recommendations!

Esther- I am a part of "Shelfari" and "The Swap Tree" although I am a negligent participator on both sites. And to you and Leslie, I haven't read 3 Cups of Tea but I've only heard good things about it for years.

Maria- I have read all the Twighlight books. Love them and the movies. Do not be ashamed! I love finding bandwagons and jumping on them. Go Team Jacob.

Neen- Speaking of Kate's new hair, I have been meaning to read Game Change. It's like the US Weekly publication of the '08 Presidential Election. Pure smut, poorly written- I can't wait.

Breitenberg said...

gasp ruthie these reviews are phenom!! please keep them coming and then you can become a famous faithful-to-teebs blog movie!

love you. miss you. oh yes.