Monday, June 1, 2009

wicked interesting

I read this article today about a Brown University student who was caught off guard when he met his first evangelical Christians during his freshman year of college (love it!). Kevin Roose, who described himself as being the product of the "ultimate, secular, liberal upbringing", transferred to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA in order to fully immerse himself in what might as well have been as foreign to him as any typical study abroad program.

Kevin went undercover and blended into his newfound Christian community. He spoke like his peers, answered test questions like them and lived life like them. He has now written a book describing his experience.

Now, I love this story as it sounds like a plot line from my fav show GREEK. But it does make a me a little nervous as I have tender heart for Fundy Culture, and live a life of constant tension in trying to figure out what to do with the 14 years of my Christian school upbringing. Challenge it! I say from the background, quietly afraid of what will be said.

And that is the best part. I was so convicted by his Liberty friends. His experience was so positive! O' RuthA of little faith, quit worrying about who (on NPR) might make you (the Christian) look bad (besides yourself)!

I will stop babbling so you can just go read the article. Please take his mock Liberty test and see if you can beat my score-- "Champion for Christ" baby!!


esther lee said...

I hope it's not creepy stalkerish when I say that I really look forward to reading your posts.

I like this one especially.

ruthie said...

Creeped out? More like flattered.

Does it creep you out that when I saw Julia on Saturday I tried to glean as much info about you and your husband as I could? I hope not.

mallory said...

Very interesting indeed. I would love to read this book. I too scored as a "Champion for Christ" on the quiz...I guess NCH did teach me something :)

Tommy said...

I also am a true champion for Christ, and apparently wiser than Solomon - who knew?

esther lee said...

No. No! of course not! I too am flattered.

Let's do something about this. I ran in to the RK Hatchers on Saturday and made it clear that Casey and Esther are looking for married couple friends (and yes, in my very abrupt verbiage) "that aren't super goody Christians but aren't crazy weird either." By goody, I think I meant 'fundy.' I'm confident you understand what I'm trying to say when I speak like that.

So, having said all that, I'd love to get together.

ruthie said...

yes! esther, let's please hang out. we'll take it outside the 2nd floor of MacArthur mall, where I typically "hang out" with you.