Wednesday, March 23, 2011


One theme of my clinical internship has been trying desperately to look older. A girl can only take the comment that she looks 19 as a compliment so many times before she gets insecure/pissed off.

I've weighed all my options to age myself (start smoking, tanning bed, act ignorant about technology-- "What are all these kids twittering each other about?") but none have done any good. I'm just going to keep channeling the movie therapists that I look up to, such as Meryl Streep in Prime.

Pashmina, chunky jewelry, glasses, awkward short hairstyle, horrified look. I can do all of these things! :/


Jon Allison said...

for one, you should stop hanging up magazine cutouts of robert pattinson at your cubicle.

have you tried sneaking drinks, but kind of ostentatiously?

esther. said...

This is Brilliant.

Ruthie said...

jonathan- I am Team JACOB!

Nina said...

I think Rico can make that happen.